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Purchasing a Preventive Maintenance and Work Order software can help you save time AND money by helping you record and monitor the maintenance and repairs completed on your facilities, machines, equipment, etc. Maintenance procedures performed proactively rather than reactively are done quicker, better, and at less cost than managing by failure. Tracking repairs using Maintenance requests and Logs on equipment is also helpful to investigate whether a piece of equipment is more costly to repair or replace.

When using a CMMS Software to schedule and complete routine maintenance, downtime is decreased as fewer problems occur when equipment is properly maintained. Additionally, required regulatory organizations such as OSHA, ISO, FDA, USDA, EPA, perform periodical audits to ensure the facilities and equipment your business uses is safe for employees and consumers; having a Preventive Maintenance and Work Request Software can keep you on track to make sure you pass the audits and with a strong report builder of maintenance completions, your audits will go smooth.

If you do not have a Preventive Maintenance and Work Request Software or are looking for a different software, we encourage you to look at our program (request a 30-day free trial) to see how our KeepTraK Program can help you!