Video Tutorials

Our new Online Training and Tutorial Videos are an easy way to introduce yourself to the capabilities of the KeepTraK program and see first-hand how easy it is to use. For a list of video topics, please scroll down or click here.

You can find our Video Library on our YouTube channel. We have created short, easy-to-follow videos showing you how to use any and all features of KeepTraK software.  This will be a great way to help you build a facilities management and/or maintenance program that will save you time and money.  You will also be able to use these videos to train other users of the program.

03 Getting Started

03 Getting Started (6:49)

04 Catalog Department / Equipment

04 Catalog Introduction (2:53)
04.1 Add New, Rename, Move and Printing Catalog Items (5:30)

05 Equipment Information

05 EI Introduction (2:02)
05.1 Add New Edit Find, Printing, Delete, Docs Images (4:20)

06 People and Resources

06 People and Resources (3:56)

07 Preventive Maintenance

07 Introduction, Overview, and Main Screen described (2:59)
07.1 Create a New Preventive Maintenance task(8:30)
07.2 Edit or Delete an existing PM (2:49)
07.3 PM Reports and Printing Overview (6:34)
07.4 PM Individual Reports Explained (27:44)
07.5 Completing a PM (3:49)
07.6 PM Reading Updates and Groups (1:36)
07.7 Documents and Images in PMs (1:38)
07.8 PM Parts Required List (1:27)

08 Maintenance Requests and Logs (Work Orders)

08 Maintenance Requests and Logs Introduction (4:22)
08.1 Create a new Log or Work Ticket (5:10)
08.2 Append and Edit an Existing Log (1:34)
08.3 Use Parts for a Maintenance Request and Log (1:01)
08.4 Enteriing Costs Hours and Downtime (0:42)
08.5 Log Documents and Images (1:32)
08.6 Completing and Changing Log Status (1:17)
08.7 Log Reports and Printing Overview (4:09)
08.8 Log Individual Reports Explained (8:40)
08.9 Log Special “GUser” with Users and Permissions (3:44)

09 Parts Inventory

09 Parts Inventory Introduction (3:22)
09.1 Setting Up Parts (Lists Menu Setup Information) (2:41)
09.2 Enter New Edit and Delete Parts (4:33)
09.3 Purchase Orders and Receiving Parts (3:51)
09.4 Use Parts From Inventory (2:08)
09.5 Reports and Printing (Reports Menu) (3:34)

10 Administration

10 Administration Introduction (3:36)
10.1 Adding a Product Key (1:21)
10.2 Autoprinting PMs (5:11)
10.3 Users and Permissions Module (4:18)
10.4 Email Settings (5:23)
10.5 MultiUser – Networking – Server Module (2:26)
10.6 Settings Sections 1-6 Explained (5:35)

11 Executive Summary Calendar

11 Executive Summary Calendarn (2:20)
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