Work Orders and Logs


Maintenance Requests and Logs are like Work Orders with several enhancements.

KMaint software allows you to store, retrieve, edit, update, categorize, get reports and keep records with logs.

Where preventative maintenance software is designed for routine work you will do over and over, Logs are for one time and sporadic items that so often appear.  For instance a water heater breaks down and need repair.  Logs are perfect for this type of thing.

work order management system


Quickly and easily create work requests.  You can update and append work request as well as change status and urgency.  KeepTrak of what is going on in the workplace.  Store what the issue is what was done by who what parts were used as well as costs and labor.  Sixteen different status flags can be applied to a Log like “ASAP Order Parts”, “Completed”, or “Urgent Down”.   You can also remove most our Statuses and create new ones that better reflect your situation.

Use our already created reports or create your own using our Custom Report Builder.  For example you can with a couple mouse clicks get a report that shows all “Open” Work Requests, or, all work orders generated between specified dates or times.

Use Custom Report Builder to quickly create reports based on location, equipment, time person, word or phrase etc. etc.  the possibilities are endless.

Work orders become part of the permanent work history for each item and your whole facility.

Main Screen
The main screen drives all the functionality of Maintenance Requests and Logs.
The main viewing screen of Logs is separated into 5 main areas for ease of use:
1.  The Catalog Site area – tells what to work on
2.  The Status – shows priority and if Open or Closed
3.  Assignment Info – who needs to do
4.  Problem – what the issue is to be acted on
5.  Action – what was done to correct the problem

Custom Report Builder screenshot:

work order software


Sample Work Request screenshot:

work order management system

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