Users & Permissions


The Users and Permissions is an optional module that can be purchased from KeepTraK.  This module when turned on, each time the program is started a screen pops up asking for the User Name and password of the person opening the program.  You can assign different permissions and restrictions for each user in the program,  For example, you could allow one user to be an Administrator when they logon.  An Administrator has all permissions in the program with no restrictions.   Another person could be classified a “User” they will have the permissions and restrictions you determine.  For example they may only have permission to make Work Orders and nothing else.  This module will be especially useful for companies having multiple computers.

An additional benefit of Users and Permissions is it makes KeepTraK easier to learn and use for Users with limited permissions.  No point in them seeing and having to consider options that do not apply to them!

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To add a User click the button shown below.  A “User” is a person who will likely have limited permissions within the program.
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