Parts Inventory


Parts Inventory allows you to KeepTraK of parts needed to maintain and fix your equipment.  Now in 2020 the KeepTraK program updates quantity on hand and parts to re-order real time!

Included is a Purchase Requisition section so you can order and receive parts.

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Easily enter new parts. You can use dropdowns to attach parts to equipment, facilities etc.  Have up to three vendors for a part for backup.  Set inventory levels, store costs, reorder points, make comments and give storage location etc.

Quickly create a purchase order with only a few clicks.  KeepTraK easily handles multiple POs with multiple items on each.  Also POs with items on backorder are accounted for.

A number of reports in parts inventory to help you track inventory, quantities, parts used, categories of parts, parts to reorder etc.

New, Edit, Delete – From here you can add, modify and delete parts from your inventory.  Included is the ability to search and find parts a number of ways.  Here is where you can start and complete a Purchase Request with only a few mouse click dropdowns.  Notice the variety of data that can be stored for parts if needed.

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Purchase orders can be used to create POs and Requisitions for Parts.
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Lists – You will start with this area when setting up Parts.  Spending a little time getting the following lists populated will save you countless hours when using parts.  All of these entries will then become part of dropdowns you can later click from rather than entering all of this repetitive data manually.  Just another one of the ways KeepTraK Preventive Maintenance Facilities and Equipment software helps you saver time and money.
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