Standard operating procedures (SOPs) are the guidelines that help your employees know what to do when situations arise in your business. Standard operating procedures provide training guidelines for managers and new employees. Basically, anything routine within the business should be included in SOPs. Regulations, best practices and corporate policies should be outlined in these documents. […]

Your work order software should be able to complete work requests precisely and swiftly. A work order is received from a customer or client for products or services. The request can also be created internally within an organization. These work orders can be for products or services alike and are what keep your business running. […]

Is it time to make a change?  Purchasing a Preventive Maintenance and Work Order software can help you save time AND money by helping you record and monitor the maintenance and repairs completed on your facilities, machines, equipment, etc. Maintenance procedures performed proactively rather than reactively are done quicker, better, and at less cost than managing […]

KeepTraK Corporation was founded by Gerald (Jerry) Critchfield in the 1980s.  Prior to starting his own business, Jerry learned to write coding at RCA, then later worked at the Rocky Mountain Newspaper as a maintenance manager. While working at the Rocky Mountain Newspaper, Jerry wrote code for a database/program to keep track of the Preventive […]